GHAZI SHAKIR became a valued member of Garth Coates Solicitors in February 2023, contributing his knowledge and expertise to our team. His work encompasses a broad caseload, managing both corporate and private immigration cases with deftness and precision.

Ghazi’s approach to his work is both methodical and pragmatic. His meticulous attention to detail and commitment to high standards ensures that each case is prepared impeccably. Moreover, his clear and concise communication style fosters a transparent and trusting relationship with clients, enabling them to navigate their immigration issues with confidence.

Before joining our firm, Ghazi achieved a First-Class Honours in Law from Nottingham Law School. His strong academic background in law provides a solid foundation for his practical expertise and contributes to his deep understanding of the complexities of immigration law.

Fluent in Arabic, Ghazi brings linguistic diversity to our team, enhancing our ability to cater to a wide variety of clients and address their needs effectively.

Ghazi’s commitment to excellence, combined with his profound understanding of immigration law, makes him a highly esteemed member of our team and a reliable advocate for our clients.

Ghazi Shakir

+44 (0)20 7799 1600