Leqa Al Habib

Associate Solicitor

Jasmin Singh

US Attorney

Christine Phillips

Senior Caseworker

Samara Chung

Senior Caseworker

Iyiola Ojo

Marketing Director

Rezwana Ali

Legal Assistant

Angelica Malkinson

Finance and Accounts Manager

Want to be a team member?

Garth COATES (Principal)

We are passionate about what we do...

As immigration solicitors, we will work around the clock to deliver UK visa solutions and results that can help you to visit or study in the UK, or become a UK national.
There are many avenues you can take to get a Visa for the UK, some more difficult than others, all of them dependent upon your individual circumstances. However, having the right assistance and support can go a long way towards increasing the chances of your application being a successful one.
Celemet YENER (Partner)

We connect with our clients…

As a boutique immigration firm, we see our clients as family. We listen to you carefully and ask clear questions to understand every detail of your situation and of the result you are looking for.
This means we can provide the best possible advice for your individual needs. We answer your questions quickly and ensure that you are always kept up-to-date with the progress of your case.
Leqa Al Habib (Associate Solicitor)

Every case is unique…

We are a highly qualified team and between us have worked in immigration law for many years.
We know from experience that each client is different and no one case is exactly like another. So we always take time to understand the special features of your case and to provide the right solution for you.
Nitish De RAMDUNY (Associate Solicitor)

We go the extra mile…

Time is important to our clients and we know you may have a very busy schedule. For your convenience, we can arrange to consult with you outside our normal office hours.
We also provide a round-the clock response to clients outside the UK, in different time zones. We are always here to support you.
Lupia BEGUM (Solicitor)

We have the know-how…

All our team members are highly qualified and have a thorough understanding of immigration law, together with Home Office regulations and guidance.Our extensive experience of many thousands of cases has also given us practical and comprehensive knowledge of the Home Office requirements, which are not always specified in the Immigration Rules.
This expertise contributes to our outstanding success rate and ensures that our clients have the best prospect of obtaining the outcome they desire.