TAMER ULAY is a seasoned Senior Caseworker, whose prowess in UK and EU Immigration Law spans over two decades. Prior to joining Garth Coates Solicitors in 2009, Tamer honed his skills at his own immigration consultancy, which specialised in EU Golden Visa and Second Citizenship programmes.

Tamer brings to our team deep expertise in the European Community Association Agreement with Turkey, better known as the Ankara Agreement. His in-depth understanding and adept handling of these cases allow him to offer critical advice and casework support to our Turkish clients.

Demonstrating his versatility, Tamer is proficient in handling Skilled Worker visas, Sponsorship Licence applications, and Sponsorship Compliances. His track record reflects a high success rate in handling Turkish Businessperson and Turkish Worker visa routes, along with Investor and Entrepreneur visas.

Tamer’s expertise plays a crucial role in the successful representation of clients at high courts. He meticulously prepares and structures each case, ensuring that we are thoroughly equipped with well-crafted arguments and comprehensive case details. This extensive preparation invariably contributes to the high success rates of the cases, even for the most complex of Appeals against Home Office refusals and Administrative and Judicial Review processes.

Tamer’s fluency in English and Turkish enables us to serve a diverse clientele, enhancing our cultural inclusivity and reach. His profound understanding of legal complexities, combined with his dedication to his clients, solidifies his invaluable position within our team and as a trusted guide to our clients.

Tamer Ulay

+44 (0)20 7799 1600