Work & Live in the United Kingdom and Europe

Unlocking the Doors to European Residency

Join us on a transformative journey as we explore the intricacies of residing and working in Europe, with a primary focus on the United Kingdom. Discover the blueprint to becoming a self-sponsored individual and seize the opportunity to procure a second passport, opening a world of boundless opportunities.

Date: 28th – 30th October 2023
Time: 10:00 AM – 8:00 PM (Individual one-hour slots for private consultations)
Location: Şişli Marriott Hotel, 142 Abide-i Hürriyet Caddesi, Istanbul, İstanbul 34381
Participation Fee: £100 per private consultation session (1 hour)

Each consultation is carefully designed to offer a detailed and tailored experience. Moreover, attendees have the unique opportunity to bring along a relative or friend at no extra cost. Participation fee is payable on site.

Grasp this unparalleled opportunity to discover the potential of establishing a life abroad, gaining invaluable insights from esteemed industry professionals, Mr. Tamer Ulay and Mr. Celemet Yener. Whether you’re in search of better career opportunities or a change in scenery, this event is expertly curated to guide you towards realizing your goals.

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Who Is This Event For?

  • Affluent parents and guardians aiming to establish a safer and more prosperous future for their children through investments and/or business establishments.
  • Entrepreneurs and business professionals seeking to extend their ventures into the prosperous realms of the UK and Europe.
  • Investors and high-net-worth individuals attracted to the advantages of golden visa programs and the prospect of acquiring secondary citizenship.

Engage in exclusive consultations to explore methods for enhancing your family’s security and avenues to expand your business endeavors.

Major Topics

  • UK Skilled Worker Visa

    This category is designed for professionals with a job offer in the UK.

  • UK Self-Sponsor Work Permit

    Discover the innovative route that empowers entrepreneurs to take the reins of their immigration journey. This unique permit allows individuals to establish their own business in the UK and subsequently obtain a work permit for themselves. This opportunity extends to various professions, including niche sectors such as barbershops.

  • UK Expansion Worker Visa

    Discover strategies for foreign businesses aiming to set up branches or subsidiaries in the UK, and understand how this specific visa category can aid in your business growth.

  • Greece Golden Visa

    Explore the advantages of investing in Greece, ranging from obtaining European residency to enjoying visa-free travel across Europe, all while ensuring a secure future for your family.

  • Malta Investment for Citizenship Programme

    Acquiring EU citizenship through secure investment in Malta, with its high standard of living and significant tax advantages

We will also touch upon various significant immigration routes and topics, including the Global Talent Visa, Judicial Reviews and Appeals against Visa Refusals, Visas for Highly Skilled Individuals, as well as options for Retired Persons and Self-Sufficient Individuals.

Exclusive Access to Our Leading Experts!

Tamer Ulay

Senior Caseworker
With over three decades of experience in UK and EU Immigration Law, Tamer Ulay is a renowned expert, particularly in overturning visa refusals and assisting clients in navigating the complexities of European Union citizenship and prestigious golden visa programs.

Celemet Yener

Partner, Solicitor
As a Partner and Office Manager at Garth Coates Solicitors, Celemet Yener brings over 12 years of specialized experience in Immigration Law. He is a valuable asset to both corporate clients and individual entrepreneurs aiming to establish or expand their ventures in the UK.

Join Us in Istanbul: Secure Your Future in the UK and Europe

From 28th to 30th October 2023, our expert team will be in Istanbul for one-on-one consultations. Book your session now, and take your first step towards securing your future in the UK and Europe.