Change to Global Talent Visa

The UK Government has announced its intention to reform the Global Talent Visa, which has not been as successful as hoped, due to stringent qualifying criteria. It is proposed that a new “Global Mobility” Visa will be introduced in spring 2022.

Not much is yet known about plans for this new Visa. Some observers say it could be similar to the Intra-Company Transfer Visa and would permit international companies to transfer staff to their UK presence. Others predict that it may replace the current Representative of an Overseas Business Visa. Update as soon as we know more.

 Review of Innovator Visa

The Innovator Visa is also due for Government review, with plans to reform the current complex qualifying criteria during 2021. This should make it easier for people with skills and experience to obtain Endorsement, which is necessary to apply for the Innovator Visa.

Practical Support for Small Businesses 

The UK Government has proposed practical assistance for small businesses who will be using the UK Visas And Immigration (UKVI) system for the first time (possibly because they must now apply for visas for EU staff). No news yet on how this will be implemented.

We expect changes to the Immigration Rules to be introduced throughout 2021 and will be monitoring the situation carefully. We will update you as soon as we know more.

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