A welcome change to the Global Talent visa requirements for endorsement in the Film and Television field.

Global Talent applicants in the field of Film and Television no longer need to apply for endorsement if they have won any of the following Main Awards:

  • An Academy Award (an Oscar)
  • A British Academy of Film and Television (BAFTA)
  • A Golden Globe
  • An Emmy Award

The Endorsement requirement may also be waived for applicants who have been nominated, if:

  • They have been nominated for, or have made a “significant contribution” to winning or being nominated for one of the Main Awards above in the last 10 years
  • They have received at least 2 nominations for the Main Awards in the last 15 years

Applicants who have “notable industry recognition” may also avoid applying for Endorsement if they have international distribution sales AND a “specified combination of awards” from the PACT Notable Industry Recognition Awards list at https://www.pact.co.uk/services/global-talent-notable-awards-list.html

The UK government has announced plans to further modify the Global Talent Visa in the coming year and we will keep you up-dated when the information is available.

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