On the 5th of December, 2023, Garth Coates Solicitors UK, in collaboration with Coates Global WWB Nigeria Ltd and the Nigerian-British Chamber of Commerce (NBCC), played a pivotal role in an enlightening event in Lagos, Nigeria. The session, led by our principal director Mr. Garth Coates, alongside Mr. Iyiola Ojo, Country Director of Coates Global WWB Nigeria, was a hub of expertise for Nigerian entrepreneurs and professionals. Our focus was to demystify the complexities of business immigration in the UK in the post-Brexit context.

The seminar, part of a series orchestrated by the NBCC with support from the British Deputy High Commission Nigeria, was titled “Setting Up Businesses in the UK Post Brexit.” Mr. Garth Coates, with his extensive experience in immigration consultancy, provided an in-depth exploration of the UK’s revised immigration policies. Emphasis was placed on the new points-based system and sponsorship rules, as well as the array of immigration routes open to entrepreneurs and investors intending to initiate or grow their business footprints in the UK.

A significant moment of the event was the networking opportunity, where attendees had the exclusive chance to engage in one-on-one dialogues with Mr. Garth Coates and Mr. Iyiola Ojo. This interactive session allowed for tailored discussions, addressing specific business-related queries and aspirations.

Our firm’s participation in this event underlines our commitment to providing actionable, expert advice in the realm of business immigration. Aligning with the NBCC’s dedication to its diverse membership, we aimed to offer clarity and direction in the evolving UK business immigration landscape.

At Garth Coates Solicitors UK, our collaboration with Coates Global WWB Nigeria Ltd and the NBCC marks a significant stride in connecting Nigerian business ambitions with opportunities in the UK market. The insights shared in this session illuminated the path for future business collaborations and growth, reflecting our ongoing dedication to facilitating international business success in a post-Brexit world.

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