Domestic Workers

Employers from overseas are permitted to bring domestic workers into the UK if the workers are visiting or intend to move to the UK on a permanent basis. The applicant must have been working for at least one year immediately before the time when the application was made. Whilst in the UK, they are not allowed to undertake any other employment. There must be evidence showing that the domestic worker:

domestic workersDomestic workers are those who provide a personal service directly associated with the running of the employer’s household, including chauffeurs, cleaners, gardeners, cooks, personal carers and nannies.

There are no restrictions preventing the applicant from switching employers; however, they will not be able to apply for a visa extension if they are not employed as a domestic worker. The worker must continuously maintain their employed status.

After five years as a domestic worker in the UK, it is possible for the individual to apply for indefinite leave to remain (ILR). If this is granted, their dependants will also be permitted to stay and work in the UK.

Domestic workers’ family members can submit an application to join their spouse, civil partner, unmarried or same sex partner, or parent (if the applicant is under the age of 18 at the time of application) in the UK. It is also possible for them to apply for permission to live in the UK at the same time as the domestic worker to whom they are related.