Full rights of appeal (FRA) accompany certain applications that are made from outside of the UK, allowing the applicant to appeal a decision if entry to the UK is denied. The most common types of appeals are:

appealsNot all categories of application carry this right of appeal. In addition, it is not automatically available. When the applicant receives a written notice of refusal, their appeal rights will be clearly stated. Should the applicant choose to make an appeal, they are required to complete and return a Notice of Appeal within 28 calendar days after they have received the Notice of Decision given by the Entry Clearance Officer.

It is very important that you immediately seek professional legal advice if you are denied a visa, as appeals can only be made in a certain timeframe. If you would like us to assess your case and examine the possibility of obtaining a review of the decision, or of appealing, please contact us as soon as possible. If you decide to proceed with the appeal process and would like us to help, we will prepare your case and represent you at the tribunal.

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