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UK Border Agency to be split in two
Posted on 27 March 2013
theresa may, ukba, home office
Labour criticises the UK's visa system
Posted on 13 March 2013
Labour, Yvette Cooper, Home Office, UKBA
Home Office Ends Consultation for Routes to Settlement
Posted on 06 September 2011
Home Office, UKBA, consultation, TIER 2, TIER 5, Work Permit
Refusals based on the points-based system's maintenance (funds) requirement
Posted on 23 July 2010
points-based system, ewca, ukba
EnglishUK wins Judicial Review on English language levels
Posted on 09 July 2010
englishuk, high cort judicial review, tony millns, english uk, ukba, tier 4 policy guidance
Home Office will not clear the backlog of 450,000 asylum claims
Posted on 08 April 2010
home office, ukba, home affairs
Sponsorship management system will take place on 22 February 2010
Posted on 29 January 2010
sponsorship, uk border agency, tier 2 sponsors, tier 5 sponsors, tier 4 sponsors, ukba, cas, cos

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