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Start-Up and Innovator visas for entrepreneurs
Posted on 18 June 2019
Global Immigration Seminar - Istanbul, Turkey
Posted on 11 June 2019
Carers of British citizens - Zambrano rules
Posted on 29 May 2019
Tier 1 Entrepreneur - permitted means of investment
Posted on 23 May 2019
Revocation of indefinite leave to remain - was it fair?
Posted on 22 April 2019
Alliance of Turkish Businesspeople unsuccessful at High Court
Posted on 07 April 2019
Right to rent - right or wrong?
Posted on 06 April 2019
Ten years’ continuous lawful residence - Upper Tribunal puts it straight
Posted on 11 March 2019
Brexit update - February 2019
Posted on 23 February 2019
Does an Immigration Judge’s verbal decision stand?
Posted on 11 February 2019
The Immigration Rules are just too complicated
Posted on 09 February 2019
Turkish businesspeople lose the right of appeal - again
Posted on 15 January 2019
Visa applicants - the requirement for biometric enrolment
Posted on 04 January 2019
Tier 2 sponsor licences - when things go wrong
Posted on 16 December 2018
Latest statement of changes to the Immigration Rules - original documents and evidential flexibility
Posted on 20 November 2018
Home Office - Immigration Tribunal - unreasonable behaviour
Posted on 29 October 2018
Home Secretary - non-EEA immigration - EEA immigration after Brexit
Posted on 16 October 2018
New “start-up” business visa - what’s it all about?
Posted on 24 September 2018
Immigration rules - something of a disgrace - Appendix FM - EEA Regulations
Posted on 12 September 2018
Tier 2 relaxes a bit - doctors and nurses are welcome
Posted on 23 August 2018
Ankara Agreement/ECAA settlement route - new rules
Posted on 23 June 2018
Ryanair - carriers’ liability - incorrect visa
Posted on 11 June 2018
Abramovich - a Russian tale
Posted on 04 June 2018
New Home Secretary - end of the “hostile environment”? - and alleged tax deception
Posted on 20 May 2018
Immigration appeals - do you have the right?
Posted on 28 April 2018
Best interests of the child - can it save the parents?
Posted on 15 April 2018
Tier 1 Entrepreneurs - human rights private life?
Posted on 05 April 2018
Ankara Agreement - Indefinite Leave to Remain - Abolished
Posted on 22 March 2018
Serious health cases - harsh immigration caselaw
Posted on 10 March 2018
Evidential flexibility in visa applications - points-based system complexity
Posted on 22 February 2018
Tier 1 Entrepreneur - Upper Tribunal gives a hand
Posted on 03 February 2018
Rights of appeal - interesting developments - domestic violence cases
Posted on 24 January 2018
British citizenship - entitlement
Posted on 22 December 2017
European free movement law - it changes
Posted on 10 December 2017
Home Office in trouble with courts and tribunal
Posted on 19 November 2017
Withdrawal of immigration appeals
Posted on 05 November 2017
Appendix FM family visa rules changed, a bit
Posted on 22 September 2017
European Marriages - Genuineness - Burden of Proof
Posted on 16 August 2017
Ankara Agreement - Indefinite Leave to Remain - More News
Posted on 04 August 2017
British Citizenship Not Lawfully Acquired by EEA Nationals?
Posted on 27 July 2017
Statelessness - British Citizenship - Interesting Decision in the High Court
Posted on 03 July 2017
European free movement rights and dual nationality
Posted on 11 June 2017
Ankara Agreement - Dependants - Indefinite Leave to Remain
Posted on 21 May 2017
Immigration Appeal - Is It a Legal Right?
Posted on 08 May 2017
Supreme Court Makes Disappointing Decisions about Family Visa Rules
Posted on 23 April 2017
Latest Statement of Changes to the Immigration Rules
Posted on 07 April 2017
European Union Immigration & Second Citizenship Meetings in Istanbul, Turkey
Posted on 26 March 2017
British Citizenship
Posted on 19 March 2017
Brexit Alert - But What About the Ankara Agreement?
Posted on 25 February 2017
Curious Incident of the Hidden Immigration Rule - Overstaying Rules Become Stricter
Posted on 02 February 2017
Prime Minister’s Brexit Vision - Irish Border
Posted on 22 January 2017
Migrant Skilled Workers - the Debate is Fierce
Posted on 16 January 2017
Judicial Humour - Complex Points-Based System - Byztantine Emperors
Posted on 08 January 2017
Migration Statistics - the Immigration Year 2016
Posted on 20 December 2016
Immigration Appeals - the Good News and the Bad News
Posted on 11 December 2016
Immigration Rules Affect Polo - Sportsperson Visas
Posted on 30 November 2016
Uber Drivers - Employment and Self-Employment - Ankara Agreement
Posted on 23 November 2016
Brexit Saga - High Court Gets Involved
Posted on 12 November 2016
Migrant Workers - Does the Government Really Want Them?
Posted on 05 November 2016
Student Numbers Are Confusing
Posted on 23 October 2016
British Citizenship and Naturalisation
Posted on 16 October 2016
Prime Minister Acts On Brexit, Some MPs Are Becoming Irish
Posted on 05 October 2016
The EU and Human Rights Law
Posted on 29 September 2016
Immigration Appeals - Massive Fee Increases Coming
Posted on 22 September 2016
Right to Work and Illegal Working
Posted on 18 September 2016
Brexit – Where Do We Stand Now?
Posted on 08 September 2016
A simple guide to the updated Immigration Act 2016
Posted on 28 July 2016
Potential impact of immigration on England
Posted on 09 June 2016
Brexit: The story so far
Posted on 25 May 2016
EU debate considers immigration and the economy
Posted on 23 May 2016
US H1B visa scheme isolates wives
Posted on 20 May 2016
Report suggests EU migration costs British taxpayers £3m a day
Posted on 18 May 2016
Corbyn: inadequate funding is the issue, not immigration
Posted on 16 May 2016
Boris Johnson: Public approval will dictate immigration policy
Posted on 13 May 2016
Iain Duncan Smith backs Leave campaign
Posted on 12 May 2016
US immigrants return to former professions
Posted on 09 May 2016
Alistair Darling warns of Brexit’s potential trade impact
Posted on 05 May 2016
MPs seek concession over Immigration Bill
Posted on 03 May 2016
Food workers benefit from Canada’s Express Entry visa program
Posted on 03 May 2016
Theresa May: Immigration to continue even if UK leaves EU
Posted on 25 April 2016
Asylum and immigration court fees set for a steep hike
Posted on 22 April 2016
Treasury document warns of Brexit implications
Posted on 20 April 2016
Immigration debate taken to US high court
Posted on 18 April 2016
Jeremy Corbyn’s outlines socialist vision for Britain
Posted on 15 April 2016
Canadian cash-for-visa program called into question
Posted on 13 April 2016
India warns against changes to foreign worker visas
Posted on 11 April 2016
ACLU argues immigrants’ rights are being violated
Posted on 08 April 2016
PM warns that leaving the EU would be ‘damaging’
Posted on 06 April 2016
Poll shows that Jeremy Corbyn can influence EU referendum
Posted on 04 April 2016
US survey indicates change in Republican immigration stance
Posted on 01 April 2016
Young people targeted in the EU referendum debate
Posted on 30 March 2016
Andy Burnham criticises budget cuts to UK Border Force
Posted on 29 March 2016
Nigel Farage criticised for using Brussels attack in EU debate
Posted on 28 March 2016
Report warns Brexit will harm UK economy
Posted on 23 March 2016
Immigration cited as main issue in EU debate
Posted on 21 March 2016
Migration forecast to remain above 100,000, until 2020
Posted on 18 March 2016
US EB-5 visa program requires more regulation
Posted on 16 March 2016
ONS to review UK migration figures
Posted on 14 March 2016
OECD says exit from European Union bad for UK
Posted on 12 March 2016
Theresa May avoids important debate on new immigration rule
Posted on 09 March 2016
Donald Trump changes stance on immigration
Posted on 08 March 2016
Human rights lawyer calls Canada’s immigration system “discriminatory”
Posted on 04 March 2016
New York City hopes to attract foreign entrepreneurs
Posted on 02 March 2016
Nigel Farage argues in favour of leaving the EU
Posted on 01 March 2016
Figures show a decrease in migration to the UK
Posted on 27 February 2016
Personal investors may vote to leave EU
Posted on 25 February 2016
UK’s EU deal could cause an increase in immigration
Posted on 23 February 2016
UK boasts high number of immigrant-origin MPs
Posted on 22 February 2016
Draft EU rule addresses foreign-born spouse migration loophole
Posted on 17 February 2016
Syrian resettlement scheme support encouraged by minister
Posted on 16 February 2016
SMEs call for changes to Irish work permit system
Posted on 15 February 2016
Upper Tribunal concerned by Home Office appeals
Posted on 10 February 2016
Immigration a key issue in UK referendum
Posted on 08 February 2016
Right to rent takes effect in the UK
Posted on 06 February 2016
The best and brightest are attracted to the UK
Posted on 05 February 2016
NHS denied thousands of VISA sponsorship requests
Posted on 01 February 2016
Asylum Seekers Entering Scotland to be Protected against Prosecution
Posted on 03 January 2016
Why a Foreign Skilled Workforce is Necessary for Britain’s Prosperity
Posted on 01 January 2016
Immigrant Children More ‘at home’ in UK Schools Compared to Indigenous Children
Posted on 30 December 2015
Irish Work Permit Considered the Best in Europe
Posted on 22 December 2015
Possible Re-introduction of Post Study Work Visa Scheme
Posted on 16 December 2015
Most UK immigrants Indians – Chinese come a close second
Posted on 11 December 2015
The Migrant Children’s Project Fact Sheet
Posted on 10 December 2015
Cameron’s UK Immigration Regulations Stand to be Rejected by the EU
Posted on 08 December 2015
Rising Immigration Levels Necessary to Meet Chancellor’s Fiscal Target
Posted on 04 December 2015
More People Migrating to Britain than Leaving it
Posted on 03 December 2015
David Cameron Adamant on Elimination of Benefits for European workers
Posted on 01 December 2015
Illegal Immigrants face more strict measures
Posted on 28 November 2015
Pre-Entry English tests for Immigrant Spouses Rejected by UK Supreme Court
Posted on 23 November 2015
European Leaders Connect Terror Threats with Asylum Seekers
Posted on 19 November 2015
Backlog of Immigration Cases Choking UK
Posted on 16 November 2015
asylum, backlog
Latest Changes to UK Immigration Visas to Impact November Applications
Posted on 14 November 2015
Immigration Rules, ECAA, EEA, Visa
Educational Institutions and British Economy the most to suffer in case of ‘Brexit’
Posted on 13 November 2015
EU, exit, ECAA, EAA, family
Home Office Accused by Court Of Appeal for Detaining a Child Refugee Unlawfully
Posted on 12 November 2015
appeal. human rights
David Cameron vows to Secure Britain’s border and EU Reform
Posted on 11 November 2015
Re-Designed UK Passport Pays Homage to UK’s Creative Force
Posted on 09 November 2015
Prison-like Dover Immigration Centre set to shut down amidst concerns
Posted on 17 October 2015
asylum, appeal
Britain's Digital Economy in Jeopardy with Tier 2 Visa Restrictions
Posted on 01 October 2015
TIER 2, work permit
Illegal Immigrant Families Facing Swift Eviction in Britain –Rogue Landlords Targeted
Posted on 17 September 2015
New biometric residence permit requirements
Posted on 25 August 2015
BRP, biometric, residence, card
Britain more positive than most countries about immigration
Posted on 22 August 2015
Further restrictions to be applied to foreign students
Posted on 17 July 2015
TIER 4, student
Including students in migration targets deemed “ludicrous”
Posted on 05 July 2015
student, tier 4
Lower-income skilled migrants not allowed to settle in the UK
Posted on 22 June 2015
TIER 2, new rules
New immigration rules could significantly damage the NHS
Posted on 21 June 2015
TIER 2, nurse, visa, rules
Cap on skilled migrant workers reached
Posted on 17 June 2015
TIER 2, work permit, workpermit
Cameron’s new immigration taskforce
Posted on 08 June 2015
David cameron, prime minister
Immigration in the Queen’s Speech
Posted on 27 May 2015
immigration, queen
Decreasing number of business trips made from China
Posted on 21 May 2015
china, visitor
UK urged to tackle tabloid rhetoric on migrants
Posted on 01 May 2015
human rights
Misconceptions about immigration
Posted on 25 April 2015
Home Office, immigration, illegal
New health surcharge for certain migrants
Posted on 18 April 2015
Health Surcharge, NHS
Reforms to be made to UK visitor visas
Posted on 02 February 2015
Prominent Syrian artist and lecturer denied entry to UK, unable to attend own exhibition
Posted on 30 January 2015
Dyson criticises visa plan for foreign students
Posted on 07 January 2015
Student, TIER 4
New application centres for UK's super fast visa service
Posted on 23 November 2014
super visa, fast visa, priority, same day visa
New Changes to Immigration Rules
Posted on 02 November 2014
Immigration Rule, TIER 1, TIER 2, TIER 4, TIER 5
Investment limit is being raised to £2 million for TIER 1 Investors
Posted on 01 November 2014
TIER 1, investor
Ken Clarke warns David Cameron to not “compete with bigotry”
Posted on 26 October 2014
EU, europe
Leading academic criticises UK immigration rules
Posted on 09 October 2014
immigration, student, tier 4
Home Office to take over passport control
Posted on 29 September 2014
nationality, citizen
Immigration pledge scrapped
Posted on 22 September 2014
home office
How to prepare for the Life in the UK Test
Posted on 17 September 2014
life in the uk test, citizenship, naturalisation, british citizen, indefinite, ILR
Heseltine: Exempt students from immigration cuts
Posted on 06 September 2014
Student, TIER 4, university, school
Prime Minister announces immigration reforms
Posted on 05 August 2014
immigration reforms
Recent changes to Tier 1 Entrepreneur visas
Posted on 22 July 2014
Families being forced apart by minimum income threshold
Posted on 22 July 2014
Changes to visas for Chinese applicants
Posted on 11 July 2014
UK divided on immigration
Posted on 01 July 2014
£500m programme not helping to track immigration
Posted on 05 June 2014
Immigration, investment, border, security, check
British women will need to have "a lot of children" if immigration slashed
Posted on 05 June 2014
Common questions in interviews for Tier 1 Entrepreneur applicants
Posted on 03 June 2014
Immigration in an independent Scotland
Posted on 27 May 2014
Immigration Bill becomes law
Posted on 12 May 2014
Immigration, bill, law
TOEIC and TOEFL tests no longer valid for UK visas
Posted on 30 April 2014
International students deterred from studying in the UK
Posted on 16 April 2014
study, uk, visa, visitor
Businesses raise concerns about UK visas
Posted on 08 April 2014
business, visa
New visa application fees from 6 April 2014
Posted on 04 April 2014
fees, registration, visa
Recent changes to the Immigration Rules
Posted on 27 March 2014
immigration, immigration changes, immigration rules
Malta’s new investor citizenship scheme
Posted on 13 January 2014
malta, citizenship, investor
Proposals to ‘auction off’ UK visas
Posted on 13 January 2014
investor, uk investor visa, uk visa
Concerns over tenant visa checks
Posted on 06 November 2013
tenant visa checks, visa, immigrants
Boris Johnson proposes London visas
Posted on 10 September 2013
boris johnson, boris, london visa, visa
Changes to the Immigration Rules from October 2013
Posted on 10 September 2013
immigration rules, immigration, october
Some family migration applications paused
Posted on 09 July 2013
migration, home office
Home Office plans to introduce immigration bonds
Posted on 28 June 2013
immigration, home office, india, pakistan, nigeria, bangladesh, sri lanka
Help with the Canadian Immigrant Investment Programme
Posted on 20 June 2013
canada, visa, immigrant, investment
Immigration crackdowns could put off international students
Posted on 10 May 2013
TIER 4, student, students
Temporary director generals appointed
Posted on 08 May 2013
UKBA, border, force, immigration
Changed requirements for UK settlement and naturalisation
Posted on 07 May 2013
Settlement, Life in the UK, nationality
Home Office makes changes to family visitor appeals
Posted on 30 April 2013
Appeal, family, court, visitor
UK Immigration Debates Continue
Posted on 07 April 2013
UK Border Agency to be split in two
Posted on 27 March 2013
theresa may, ukba, home office
Garth Coates Solicitors has moved
Posted on 25 March 2013
Labour criticises the UK's visa system
Posted on 13 March 2013
Labour, Yvette Cooper, Home Office, UKBA
Proposals for increased visa application fees
Posted on 25 February 2013
UKBA, fees, visa fee
New super priority visa service for Indian applicants
Posted on 20 February 2013
David Cameron, Prime Minister, India, Fast Track, Priority, Premium
Changes to the Tier 1 (Entrepreneur) Visa Route
Posted on 04 February 2013
Entrepreneur, PBS, TIER 1
Home Office "taking action" to deal with recently identified immigration backlog
Posted on 28 January 2013
asylum, home office, deportation
Foreign students being put off by immigration crackdown
Posted on 11 January 2013
TIER 4, Student, students

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