Common questions in interviews for Tier 1 Entrepreneur applicants

Interview 03 June 2014
Although not all Tier 1 Entrepreneur visa applicants are called for an interview, the Home Office will request an interview if further information is needed or if there are any concerns regarding the application.

The interview is basically designed to check that the applicant genuinely intends and is able to establish, join or take over a business in the UK.

At Garth Coates Solicitors, we have helped a number of entrepreneurs from all over the world with their Tier 1 applications, including preparing for interviews. Our years of experience show that the interview generally covers five question types:

1. Qualifications and experience
The interviewer will ask questions to assess whether you actually possess the qualifications and experience you listed in your business plan as part of your application. They need to make sure you have the knowledge and skills required to make your proposed business a success.

Typical questions: Can you provide more details on your work for Company X? When did you complete your Bachelor's degree?

2. The proposed business
The interviewer will check that you genuinely propose to operate a business in the UK as you have discussed in your business plan. These questions might be quite detailed and can include questions on the legalities of running a business in the UK.

Typical questions: Do you have business insurance? Can you provide more details on your outline agreement with Company X? What is the minimum wage in the UK? (if hiring staff)

3. Business's chance of success
The interviewer will assess your understanding of your business's chance of success. This will typically include questions on the marketplace, competitors and financial projections.

Typical questions: In your business plan, why do sales revenues increase substantially in Year 3? How much profit will you make per sale? How many competitors to your company are there in the UK?

4. Finance
The interviewer will try to understand whether you have the finances required to operate your proposed business, as well as support yourself in the UK – and where that money has come from.
Typical questions: How much money did you save from your salary at Company Z? You say your father has gifted you £50,000 – does your father need you to repay this money? What will it cost for you to rent a property in the area where you intend to live?

5. Immigration history
These questions will usually focus on where you have lived/worked and whether you have visited the UK before.

Typical questions: Why is there a different surname on your US visa? Why did you stay in the UK in 2013 after your leave had expired? How many times have you visited the UK and for what reasons?

For advice on applying for a Tier 1 Entrepreneur visa and preparing for visa interviews, contact Garth Coates Solicitors today.

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