Proposals for increased visa application fees

UKBA, fees, visa fee 25 February 2013
On 25 February, a written ministerial statement was laid out with proposed fee increases for visa applications. If approved by parliament, the proposals will come into force from 6 April 2013.

Most increases have been limited to 3% in line with inflation. However, there are further increases for visa applications made from within the UK, where the value of the entitlements provided to those successful in their applications is greater, and new fees for European residence documents.

Certain application categories will have higher fees than the administrative cost to reflect their value to successful applicants, in order to provide funds for the UK immigration system as a whole and so that the UK Border Agency can set lower charges elsewhere in support of wider government objectives to attract those who will benefit the UK the most.

For instance, the fee for a standard indefinite leave to remain application is proposed to increase from £991 to £1,051, whereas armed forces settlement applications for dependants would remain the same at £810.

Immigration Minister Mark Harper said that these proposals "strike the right balance between ensuring the UK Border Agency continues to provide a world class service and maintaining a fees structure that does not inhibit the UK's ability to continue to attract those businesses, migrants and visitors who most benefit the UK."

He said that these proposed changes, which are the result of a regular fee reviewing process, will improve the quality and customer service of the immigration service.

The ministerial statement also argued that, at a time when public spending needs to be reduced, it is right that those who directly benefit from the system should contribute more and that contributions from UK taxpayers should be reduced.

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