More Proposed Job Restrictions for Non EU Migrants Entering the UK

IAC, TIER 2, Work Permit 23 September 2011
The Migration Advisory Committee have made recent proposals that skilled migrants who wish to enter the UK from Non EU countries should be banned from applying for at least 70,000 jobs. This proposal was made on the basis of the 21% increase in 2010 of the number of migrants entering the UK.

When the scheme was first introduced over 1 million jobs were available for skilled migrants outside of Europe but the proposals are set to cut the number again from 260,000 to 190,000. Jobs that will now be excluded to Tier 2 skilled migrants include:

In total 33 occupations will be added to the list. It has been predicted that this proposal will be backed by the Home Secretary, Theresa May, who has made numerous bids in the past to reduce migration totals to the UK.

Despite the seemingly large number of jobs that will be facing cuts, Professor David Metcaff, Chairman of the migration advisory committee insists that the cut proposals will have a 'limited impact' because of the limit imposed on tier two migrants. The occupation list is targeted at jobs where there is 'a clear evidence of shortage.'

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