Extended Student Visitor visa for English language students

student, tier 4 13 December 2010
From 10 January 2011 English language students wishing to attend exclusively English language courses will be able to apply for a student visitor visa allowing them to stay for up to 11 months. The Extended Student Visitor visa will only be available to applicants outside of the United Kingdom.

Students wishing to study non-English Language courses in the UK for longer than 6 months are still required to apply under Tier 4 of the points-based system.

Non visa-nationals, who would not normally need a visa to study for up to six months, must apply for the extended visa if they wish to remain longer.

Other requirements, entitlements and restrictions of the Extended Student Visitor visa are the same as the current Student Visitor route. The Student Visitor route does not allow students to work, take a work placement, bring dependants, extend their stay or switch into other courses at the end of their stay. The fee will also be the same as the Student Visitor visa.

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