Why a Foreign Skilled Workforce is Necessary for Britain’s Prosperity

01 January 2016
According to a post published in The Telegraph, Cambridge is considered to be Europe’s most influential and largest technology cluster, boasting more than 1,500 life sciences and service firms. Collectively, these employ upwards of 55,000+ people, making the sector a thriving centre of innovation in the UK. The post also revealed that most of the £13 billion it generates will be in jeopardy if access to skilled manpower such as lab technicians, engineers and computer scientists is choked off with stringent immigrant regulations.
Access to skilled tech workers and skills is an issue that has united businesses across the nation in all sectors and of all sizes. According to the Director General of the CBI, there is an urgent need for prime talent to join growing businesses to keep them operational. The concern has picked up strength across industries and has come out quite strong in the Employments Trends Survey with Accenture which shows that most firms in the United Kingdom has low levels of skilled workers.
This is considered one of the biggest threats to the labour market; almost a third of those businesses admit that they have to outsource some activities and functions overseas if they are unable to recruit skilled talent from indigenous resources or within the European Union. The revelation has been proven by statistics pertaining to the labour market which pretty much prove that the UK is suffering from high unemployment rates. Needless to say, the crisis has had a negative effect on productivity and is crippling what could be a period of extraordinary growth and prosperity in the nation.
The solution is simple. Besides developing the youth through schools, apprenticeships and training, the UK has to be open to talent from across the globe and this includes people from nations that are not part of the European Union. In order for the economy to thrive and grow to pave the way for future generations, the United Kingdom has to be open to foreign nationals who are skilled in the tech industry. Well funded health, roads, education and rail systems should also be introduced in order to accommodate the influx once it is approved.
The nation’s current reputation as a cultural and financial hub along with its access to the European Union’s single market, time zone and of course, the universal English language make the nation one of the most fertile destinations for a local business to thrive. In order to ensure consistent success, employers also need to be open to foreign labour in the form of skilled tech workers who wish to make the UK their home indefinitely.
There is no doubt that the United Kingdom is in a global race and its investment decisions are dependent on the ability to get the right people at the right time. Companies can choose where and how to invest skilled workers and they are free to choose which part of the world they want to work in. In other words, the nation has to welcome the best in order to remain the best and to win.


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