Possible Re-introduction of Post Study Work Visa Scheme

16 December 2015
James Brokenshire, the UK Immigration Minister, answered queries at the Scottish Affairs Committee on Wednesday that included a possible re-introduction of a post study work visa scheme in Scotland. Attending the meeting were the Economics Professor from Strathclyde University, Robert Wright along with two lawyers who were present to provide evidence.
Located in the Westminster Parliament and under the chairmanship of the SNP’s (Scottish National Party’s) Pete Wishart, the committee has been tasked to carry out an investigation into whether re-introducing the work visa scheme is a feasible idea. The government of Scotland’s post study work group has also given their interest in reinstating the scheme. Back in March they also published a report insisting that students who were not part of the European Union should be given special permission to remain in the country and seek employment there once they completed their studies.
The group also stated that the visa for post study work, which was previously known as the Tier 1 Post Study Work Visa and which was scrapped in 2012 by the UK, should be re-introduced. However, their request was met with opposition from the Home Office who revealed that the last visa system, which was given to graduates who were not part of the EU and which allowed them to stay in the country for 2 years was subject to abuse.
The scheme for the post study work visa officially ended in 2012 and the still functioning UK Border Agency stopped accepting Tier 1 post study work visas. This compelled students who were on a Tier 4 visa and who wished to stay in the UK after graduating to either leave the country or apply for a Tier 2 visa. In several cases that meant that only those graduates who had experience with a skilled job through a sponsoring employer and with access to a Tier 2 sponsorship under the same tier of the point system would be eligible to stay and seek employment in the country.
The MP for North Perthshire and Perth claimed that according to the evidence put forward so far, there is ‘cross sector’ support for a similar programme. He also said that representatives from the industry and trade unions of Scotland had also explained how the re-instatement of the work visa would benefit them economically. The MP also revealed that the meeting helped them ‘drill down’ to the main issue and understand how such a programme could help the country long term. Mr. Brokenshire’s participation was welcomed and updates were also given on cross-government discussions.
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