Most UK immigrants Indians – Chinese come a close second

11 December 2015
India has been declared one of the main countries of departure for citizens bound to the UK as immigrants. The result was confirmed in data that was presented to the UK Migration Statistics Quarterly Report recently. The report listed the last residence of immigrants who had migrated to the country, and India topped the list, with approximately 45,000 immigrants travelling to the UK. That’s almost 8% of the total immigration population.
China came in a close second at 7%; Romania (6%), Poland and Spain (5% each) followed. The ranking does not come as a surprise since this was the 5th time the country came on top with the most migrating citizens and particularly those travelling to the UK to live as permanent residents. The top spot was held by China just a few years ago, with India in third place, so this shift is quite significant.
The numbers experienced a surge last year for the first time since 2011. Even though those migrating to UK came up to 65,000 the year before that, the number dropped by 4,000 in 2011 and 33,000 in 2013. It was concluded that the decline was due to lower immigration rates of Asian citizens for study purposes and according to visa statistics, this came about due to a sharp drop in immigrants who wished to study in the country long term in the higher education sector.
However, citizens who did not belong to the European Union continued to make up a slightly larger part of the immigrants surging into the country on a regular basis compared to EU members. However, the gap between the two is closing as the latter increase in number and an overall increase in immigration number from non-EU members.
From mid 2014 to mid 2015, approximately 636,000 asylum seekers arrived in the UK and almost half of those emigrated from the country, making the net migration a total of 336,000. These numbers may have balanced out but it might not be long before Indians predominate as the most common race in the country.
India was not always the most dominant immigration group heading to the UK; Australia was once among the top countries whose citizens immigrated to the UK on a regular basis with India and Pakistan a close second. With the inclusion of countries in Eastern Europe, European migrations became more commonplace, and it wasn’t long before Poland became a prominent country of origin as well. India entered the ranks in 2009 and has retained its top spot for the last couple of years.
As one of the most populous countries in the world, India is set to become one of the most popular ones regarding UK immigrations as well. As more and more people decide to make the country their permanent abode, the country may not be giving up its rank anytime soon.


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