Re-Designed UK Passport Pays Homage to UK’s Creative Force

09 November 2015
Images regarding UK’s new passport design have been released and it pays tribute to several of the Kingdom’s creative forces. The new design pays homage to the creative geniuses who placed the United Kingdom on the map as a leading force in the cultural arts. Besides architects Giles Gilbert Scott and Elisabeth Scott, the Home Office selected seven other luminaries who contributed their talents in helping the country excel in art, architecture, culture, and design throughout its formative years. This includes the computing genius, Alan Turing, who, besides being a mathematical genius, was also responsible for breaking the code on the Engima, the infamous German cipher machine, during World War II.
In addition to the aforementioned personalities, the design features famous British icons such as Ada Lovelace, William Shakespeare, Anish Kapoor, and Charles Babbage. This also includes landmark structures such as the Titanic Belfast and the Angel of the North along with London icons such as the Underground, the London Eye, and the Houses of Parliament.
Every five years, a new passport design is created and launched and each follows a specific theme. This time, the Home Office decided that the theme should be ‘Creative United Kingdom’ to emphasise the UK’s cultural influence on the globe over the past 500 years. It was also revealed that the updated design will be the most intricate one that has ever been produced for a UK passport to date.
The design also represents all 4 countries in the UK in an intricate pattern that was made utilising the latest in printing technology to ensure the document remains secure from tampering. In fact, it is considered the most secure passport ever produced in the Kingdom with high tech security features that will go a long way in discouraging counterfeits. Some of the features include:
ü A single piece of paper that will make up the Personal Details page and the one joined to the back cover to thwart tampering attempts.
ü Advanced security printing methods such as UV, special inks, watermarks and infrared light.
According to Mark Thomson, the Director General for the Passport office, the new design pays homage to just some of the creative geniuses that the UK has boasted across the centuries. However, the Home Office has also been criticised for the limited female representatives featured on the passport; only two are featured on the design compared to seven male luminaries.
Thomson has assured criticisers that this was not deliberate and the main aim was to pick creative geniuses from a range of locations around the country to celebrate achievements over the years. However, protesters have not been satisfied by this response, the most vocal being Stella Creasy, the Labour MP for Walthamstow. Creasy has reportedly asked her Twitter followers to send the Home Office a list of female creatives under the hashtag #tellHERstory, with renowned novelist Virginia Woolf and writer Mary Wollstonecraft among the leading names.
The new passport will go into circulation in December of this year.


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