Latest Changes to UK Immigration Visas to Impact November Applications

Immigration Rules, ECAA, EEA, Visa 14 November 2015
According to UK Visa and Immigrations, the new immigration laws implemented on October 29th are set to come into effect on 19th November and new rules are to be implemented across immigration routes spanning the nation. It has been reported that most of the alterations will have an effect on applications that are submitted on the 19th of this month.
The changes will have an effect on asylum seekers; any asylum claims made by EU nationals will be deemed invalid besides those accompanied by exceptional circumstances. Reasons to why an individual’s refugee status was removed should also be made clear. In addition, non-EEA children will be subject to new rules which will allow UK immigration authorities to block their entry if they believe a child’s safety is at risk due to their sponsor or a partner of the sponsor.
Similarly, immigrants who need to apply to stay in the country need to produce evidence proving their competency in the English language by undergoing an English language test. The assessment must be conducted in a government authorised test centre. Applicants also need to demonstrate the required English proficiency level via a qualification in the language from the Home Office Secure English Language Test list. In addition, occupants should have a minimum salary amounting to £35,000 excluding those with occupations that shorter and listed in the short occupation list. This includes PhD level jobs which will allow occupants to remain in the country for an indefinite period of time.
Tier 1 Exceptional Talent Visa scheme will also undergo changes which are necessary to fulfil skills shortages in the country’s tech sector. This includes altering the endorsement regulations utilised by Tech City UK in the hopes that it will increase the number of applicants that can become assets for the nation’s digital economy. Successful applicants will qualify for this Visa route to the UK.
Tier 1 entrepreneur Visa applicants will also need to provide additional documentation which includes any document that details trading jobs and past investments. In addition, tier 1 investors are not allowed to take on investments by utilising shares or loan capital in consortiums.
The new regulations also contain the addition of several technology jobs namely product manager, cyber security specialist, data scientist and senior developer besides nurses in the tier 2 visa occupation list. These specialists will be given priority during tier 2 visa allocations that are held on a monthly basis. Changes were also made that clarified the regulations for applicants and their sponsors for Tier 5 temporary charity workers in a bid to discourage temporary job holders to acquire permanent positions. Minor changes were also made to the country’s list of authorised exchange schemes along with 45,000 yearly visa allocations for Australian nationals and 12,000 New Zealand nationals.

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