Lower-income skilled migrants not allowed to settle in the UK

TIER 2, new rules 22 June 2015
New rules are being introduced that will prevent skilled migrants in the UK from being able to apply for settlement unless their incomes exceed a minimum threshold.
Currently, skilled workers who have been in the UK for five years can apply for Indefinite Leave to Remain (also known as settlement). Under these new rules, these skilled migrant workers will need to be earning at least £35,000 a year to qualify for settlement status. Otherwise, they will be forced to leave the UK and return to their home countries.
While those occupations on the shortage list will be exempt from this threshold, many key industries in the UK could lose thousands of staff if they are deported at the end of their worker visas - including nurses (read more about the impact on the NHS here). Those who enter the UK as PhD-level scientists and researchers will also be exempt.
However, many are concerned about the impact that this could have on businesses and the UK as a whole. Matt Cavanagh of the think tank the Institute of Public Policy Research said: “This makes no sense in economic terms, will cause big problems for employers and is unfair on individual migrants. It could also discourage the ‘brightest and best’ from coming here in the first place. The majority of working migrants don’t stay permanently anyway, but they value the option, and if Britain no longer offers it, they may go elsewhere.”
The Home Secretary explained that this plan is part of a move towards creating a temporary migrant workforce in the country. The Migration Advisory Committee, which published a report proposing this new threshold, estimates that the earnings limit will reduce the number of skilled workers setting in the UK each year by 40,000.
The changes will come into force in April 2016.

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