Cap on skilled migrant workers reached

TIER 2, work permit, workpermit 17 June 2015
The cap on immigration for skilled workers has been reached this month for the first time, according to a BBC report.
The cap applies to businesses looking to employ skilled workers from outside the EU (Tier 2 visas) for posts earning above £20,800. Such workers include skilled professionals such as teachers, solicitors, nurses and doctors. The limit for June was just 1,650.
A Home Office spokesperson informed the BBC that none of the applications refused had been for posts on the national list of shortage occupations. However, further applications this month from within the shortage list will be refused.
Immigration Minister James Brokenshire said that there are no plans to amend the limits. “Our reforms will ensure that businesses are able to attract the skilled migrants they need,” he said. “But we also want them to get far better at recruiting and training UK workers first.”
There has been criticism among the business community that these limits could restrict the ability of UK businesses to grow and employ the best staff. London First’s head of immigration policy, Mark Hilton, commented: “Every skilled migrant we turn away as a result of this cap will hit jobs and growth... Of course businesses want to hire locally, but you can't just magic people up with highly specific skills because they take years to develop.”
Despite the criticisms of the cap, the Migration Advisory Committee is due to issue a report by the end of the year advising on further restricting work visas. These restrictions would focus on a narrower range of job shortages or highly specialist experts. There is also a proposal to apply a levy on Tier 2 visas to fund UK apprenticeships.

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