Ken Clarke warns David Cameron to not “compete with bigotry”

EU, europe 26 October 2014
Former Home Secretary Ken Clarke has warned that the Prime Minister’s plans to restrict European migration would put the UK’s economy at risk.
Commenting on the fact that some Conservative MPs are pushing for a harder line on EU migration, perhaps due to the growing popularity of UKIP and the “wave of hysteria” over immigration, he advised David Cameron to “ignore the daft ambitions of people whose main interest is getting out of Europe”.
Recent reports have suggested that Cameron is contemplating restricting the number of National Insurance Numbers given to low-skilled European migrants. However, there are concerns that this would be an illegal breach of the EU policy of freedom of movement. Others are worried that other European countries could apply similar measures in response, such as Spain restricting the rights of the 400,000 British expats in the country.
Despite these arguments, Cameron stated: “We need to address people’s concerns about immigration… [The British people] want this issue fixed, they are not being unreasonable about it, and I will fix it.”
Ken Clarke argued instead for a “sensible” migration policy: “We must get back some common sense… What we mustn’t do is start competing with ignorance and bigotry, and what we mustn’t do is start doing damage to our economy by imposing restrictions on people we need to come here in an international economy.”

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