Proposals for revised shortage occupation list are published

mac, migrant workers, european economic area, migration advisory committee 12 November 2009

The MAC published its proposals for a revised shortage occupation list on 21 October. The list sets out skilled occupations where the government considers there are shortages so that it is sensible for vacancies to be filled by migrant workers from outside the European Economic Area. Migrant workers seeking to come to work in the United Kingdom score points if they are applying to work in one of these occupations.

The MAC recommended a revised list of healthcare and engineering professionals and the continued inclusion of chefs, ballet dancers, work riders, veterinary surgeons and secondary teachers in maths and science, and sheep shearers. It also recommended the addition of special needs teachers and skilled meat boners and trimmers and the removal of ship and hovercraft officers.

The Government is accepting the MAC's recommendations for a revised list. The revised list can be found on the right hand side of this page. This shortage occupation list for the United Kingdom and Scotland will apply to all certificates of sponsorship assigned on or after 14 December 2009.

Applications based on certificates of sponsorship assigned before this date will be considered against the shortage occupation list in place at the time.

Sponsors must also refer to the TIER 2 Code of Practices for detailed information about occupations, appropriate salary rates, and the evidence they need to keep to show that the shortage occupation criteria have been met.

Sponsors should note that the Migration Advisory Committee (MAC) intend to review all entries on this list by Autumn 2010, except for Musicians (3415), which the MAC intend to review by Spring 2010.

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