Court decides in favour of Gurkhas

home office, gurhas 07 May 2009

The Home Office today reiterated its position regarding outstanding cases by Gurkha soldiers seeking settlement in the United Kingdom.

Border and Immigration Minister Phil Woolas said:

"I want to be really clear about the letters which have been sent out today to these five individuals. We gave a commitment to the Court that we would notify these five individuals by 7 May whether they could be granted settlement based on the new guidelines published on 24 April. In that letter, however, we have made it absolutely clear that we have made a commitment to publish the next stage of our reform of the rules before the parliamentary recess and that we will reconsider their cases as soon as the new rules have been published. The notification that they have not been granted settlement at this time is therefore very much an interim one.

"We made an additional commitment to the Court to deal with the 1,500 outstanding applications by 11 June. Following the vote in the House of Commons last Wednesday, I made a commitment to the House that I would bring forward consideration of these cases so that they were completed by the end of May. My officials have made good progress on these considerations, and have already been able to send out over 100 notifications to ex-Gurkhas that they have been granted settlement in the UK.

"Based on this work, the Government will come forward with proposals for the next stage of our reform of the rules which will be published before the Summer Recess."

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