How to prepare for the Life in the UK Test

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The Life in the UK Test is an essential part of any application for citizenship or settlement in the UK. It tests the individual’s knowledge of British traditions and customs.

It is important to make sure you are fully prepared to book and take the test. We have prepared the following article to give a general overview of the process, but we are happy to provide tailored advice to our clients.

Test contents

The test covers a range of topics relating to the UK, including:

Booking the test

The test is open to those aged 18 to 65 who wish to become a British citizen. The test costs £50, can be taken at around 60 official test centres in the UK and must be booked at least seven days in advance.

As part of the booking, you’ll need to present evidence like a valid form of photo ID (you have to bring the same ID with you when you take the test).

Preparing for the test

To prepare for the test, you should read the book Life in the United Kingdom: A Guide for New Residents, 3rd Edition. You can purchase this online in different formats, such as a downloadable PDF, a book or an audio CD. A study guide and a book of practice tests are also available from the same store.

There are many resources online that allow you to take practice tests. It is important to understand that these are not the actual questions you will be asked, but they can help you to become familiar with the question formats and topics.

Taking the test

When going to take your test, make sure you bring the photo ID you used while booking. You will also need to bring valid proof of address. Make sure you arrive on time for your test - otherwise it will be cancelled.

During the test, you will have 45 minutes to answer 24 questions. You will need to get 75% (18) or more correct to pass.

After the test

If you have passed the test, you will be told straight away and given a Pass Notification Letter by the test supervisor. Make sure you check every detail on it and let the supervisor know if there are any mistakes. You need to keep this letter safe. You can now proceed with the rest of your settlement/citizenship application.

If you have failed the test, you will need to wait seven days before you can retake it. You will need to pay the full fee again. You can take the test as many times as you like.

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