Canadian permanent residence under the Quebec Immigrant Investor Category

Under the new regulations, investors will be required to demonstrate they have:

(a)     Business experience for any two of the five years preceding the date of application;
(b)    Net worth of CDN $1,600,000; and
(c)     Making an investment of CDN $800,000 for 5 years in the Quebec Immigrant Investor Program fund.

Applicants must provide acceptable documentary proof that they have recent experience as either an Owner of a ‘Qualifying Business’ or Senior Manager for any two of the five years preceding the date of application and prior to the date of the selection interview. Senior managers must prove that they managed and controlled the activities of at least 5 full-time employees for at least two years in the 5 years preceding the date of application and prior to the date of the selection interview and decision.

The personal net worth requirement of CDN $1,600,000 is determination on the fair market value of all assets, less the fair market value of all liabilities owned by the applicant. Appropriate records should verify the legal source of the declared net worth. Visa Officers can request tax records, bank records, and business operating statements and copies of wills, where declared assets were realized by virtue of inheritance. The power to refuse an application based solely on questioning the legal source of declared net worth is very broad.

After your application is accepted, you must make an investment of $800,000 or use a Maximum Loan facility.

Maximum Loan

If you don’t want to invest CA$ 800,000, you can transfer $180,000 to secure a maximum loan.  After the five-year holding period, your capital investment will be used to pay the interest on the loan.  No funds are reimbursed to you at the end of the five-year holding period.

In most cases, you must make the investment within 30 days of being accepted. The visa office where you submitted your application will confirm the time-frame in writing, and provide additional instructions. The Business Immigration Program Branch, upon receipt of the CDN $800,000 will issue the Investor a non-transferable zero interest promissory note. This note is fully guaranteed by participating provinces, the Government of Quebec will repay CDN $800,000 to the Investor, without interest, five years and two months after the end of the month in which payment is received in Quebec.

All your dependants could be included in the application. Also, all non accompanying dependants would need to undergo medical examination. Finally, all accompanying dependants from first or second marriage must obtain the consents of their mothers.

The fee structure below is based on the recommendation to submit an application under the Quebec Investor Program.

Our Service

Our professional services cover:

Eligible Investment / Approved Facilitator

Various financial institutions, including HSBC (Canada) Bank, the Bank of Nova Scotia’s etc offer several options to meet the eligible investment requirement.

Permanent Resident Regulations

The immigration Act of 2002 has establishes clear and objective criteria based on physical presence in Canada rather than on factors establishing intent not to abandon Canada. 

Under the new Act, permanent residents may be outside of Canada for three years in every five-year period. This allows permanent residents and accompanying family members to be absent from Canada for longer periods of time without the risk of losing their status.
If the individual is outside Canada for extended periods of time, they can accumulate residency days if they are:


In order to be eligible to apply for Citizenship you must have lived in Canada for at least three years out of the four years right before the day you apply.  It is anticipated that the Citizenship Act will be amended in the next years to make the residency requirements similar to those established in the Immigration Act and extend the 4 years period to six years.

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